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Gangjin Li

termination of OpenSees when using InitialStateAnalysisWrapper

Hi, there,

I am building a shake table model to simulate liquefaction-induced lateral spreading in OpenSees. I need to use so-called "InitialStateAnalysis" wrapper to reset the displacements occurred during the gravity analysis stage to be zero and retain the strains in soil. The model works good without incorporation of "InitialStateAnalysis" wrapper. However, adding this feature into the model caused the termination of OpenSees without any warning or prompt. I really have no idea about this problem. I just learnt about the feature might not work properly in dynamic analysis with PressureDependMultiYield02 material, which is the material type of the soil in my model. But I don't know how I can fix the issue. Please shed some light on this problem if you have any clue or idea. Thank you very much in advance. 



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