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Mohammad Mehdizadeh

I have heared that instead of doing paralell processing using opensees we just can upload the file on NEEShub and this website would execute the code for us on very fast processors using multicore technology free of charge .

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    Gregory P Rodgers

    Thank you for asking this question. Yes, you can run opensees directly on NEEShub without installing on your computer. There several tools that will launch opensees. For example, see

    This is the opensees application development framework for NEEShub. This is for developing your own TCL code by hand without a GUI. If you have your own TCL code to run in OpenSees, then this tools is for you. You will need to create a new simulatino directory (What do you want to do —> Create new simulation ) then restart opensees2 so you can edit the TCL in that directory. This framework is not well documented currently but with a few minutes you should be able to make it work.

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