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Benjamin William Schafer

Scientific software available on the Hub… ABAQUS (someday)?

I know NEESHub is not trying to be Teragrid – but what about expanding the commercial software available through the Workspace?

ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, ADINA and many more would all be of interest. LS-DYNA and ADINA are actually pretty affordable, ABAQUS less so — but if the user has a license/tokens at a home institution it would be nice to be able to provide the ip of the home institutions license server and then be able to run jobs here.

Obviously a lot of complications with this model – but in terms of providing something to the community this would be fantastic.

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    Dawn Weisman

    Hi Benjamin – Please submit a wish in the NEEShub wish list ( with some indication as to what priority you would suggest for adding these tools. It is a great idea. The wish list is our source for new requirements.

    thanks, Dawn Weisman NEEScomm Director of IT

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