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Neal Simon Kwong

In the future, may I suggest that we create a comprehensive video or documentation to provide users with guidance on how to manipulate files between directories?

With large models or large number of analyses, users will most likely have lots of folders (containing ground motions or model files, etc); so it will be important for users to know how to delete directories and files on the hub and to manipulate files between directories using the OpenSees Interpreter.

I was able to zip up all my folders, upload to hub, and subsequently use the OpenSees Interpreter to unzip my folders (eg unzip following Frank’s advice on another question.

However, I was unable to do 2 things:

1) I was unable to delete several directories when I am at the “manage storage” location (after I had unzipped the directories).

2) I was unable to run one of my .tcl files. In this file, I needed to use the “open” command to read a .txt file in another folder in order to retrieve the name of a ground motion file so that I can use ReadSMDFile (this is a file found in the examples section on OpenSees wiki). At this point, the problem might be related to reading a .txt file, or related to the syntax for calling upon the .txt file in another folder.

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    Hisham ElSafti

    Hi Neal,

    I believe the OpenSees Lab is more like a Linux shell (that’s what you need to search for operations you need to do)

    To open a text file: OpenSees> gedit filename.tcl &

    This will open another text editor (syntax colored) window so you can edit and save.

    To remove a file: OpenSees> rm filename.tcl

    For further operations search for how to do it in a Linux shell.

    Best regards, Hisham El Safti

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