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Kara D Peterman

What project number do I use?

Hi—this is my first time using PEN and all I want to do is get past the login screen. I’ve entered my NEEShub username and password and input a project directory but can’t seem to enter a valid project number.

What is this number? Where can I find it? I have tried our project’s NSF project award and also attempted inputting random numbers, both to no avail.

Thank you!

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    Ian Mathew


    Your Project Number can be found while using the Hub. Here’s how:

    1. Navigate to your project screen. This is the screen that lists the title of your project, with tabs below, showing information about your project.

    2. Look at your address bar. You should see ““, where # corresponds to some number. That number is the project number you use in PEN. For example, I have a test project, which is project number 863. When I navigate to that project, I see the URL ““.

    Please submit a ticket if you have any further issues.


    Ian Mathew PEN Development Team

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