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Patricia Clayton

Is it possible to have 2 coordinate systems for defining sensors?

Can I give 2 coordinate spaces when defining the position of sensors in an experiment? For example, my strain gages and potentiometers are in one coordinate system where the origin and axes are predefined on the test frame and are constant from test to test. But my optitrak markers (similar to the krypton position targets) are on another coordinate system that can change from test to test depending on how the optitrak system is set up. If I want them both to be in the same coordinate system, then I either have to transform the optitrak data to match the “constant” coordinate system of the other sensors (which means the coordinates in the raw/unprocessed optitrak data will not jive with the coordinates given in the sensor list), or I have to transform the coordinates of the strain gages and pots (which means that there will be no consistency between tests and sensors that are physically in the same place will have different position coordinates in different tests).

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    Enrique Villalobos


    My suggestion to save the sensor information is to create a sensor location plan for the fixed sensors and a different sensor location plan every time you move the Optotrak system; in each location plan indicate as a comment its relative position to the “constant” coordinate system and what Trial/Run the data belongs. The raw data itself will be saved using a different coordinate system every time the Optotrak is moved, but there will be enough information for anyone to tell how the data was collected.

    Hope this helps.

    Enrique Villalobos NEES Graduate Student

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