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Can you checksum multiple files at once without doing “checksum all”?

When adding new trials/experiments, can I do a checksum for all of the recently added files all at once without doing a “checksum all” and having to go through all of the old trials/experiments too?

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    Ian Mathew

    Thank you for your question! Starting with PEN 1.2.7, you should be able to right-click any node and click “checksum file(s)”. If that node is a file, only that node will be considered. If that node is some other object with files beneath it in the file tree, all files underneath it will have checksums calculated. PEN 1.2.7 removes the “checksum all” option, as this has been made redundant by the ability to run “Checksum files” on the Project node.


    Ian Mathew NEEScomm IT

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