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What are the benefits of uploading tools to NEEShub?

What are the advantages of uploading tool to NEEShub? What features are available to software developers and how much control they have over their tools in the NEEShub?

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    Brian Rohler

    Deploying tools to NEEShub has many advantages.

    1. – An SVN repository is provided for your tool so the source code can be made available to other members, if desirable
    2. – The SVN repository provides a versioning mechanism
    3. – The SVN repository provides a safe “copy” of your code which i is backed up
    4. – NEEShub provides great “per tool” features such as: Citations, Q&A, Usage, Reviews, Versions, Wish List and Download Documents (User Guides)
    5. – Allow members to download your tool without bugging you to email the installation file to them
    6. – Allowing other members to use your tool helps promote collaboration and community among our membership
    7. – It’s quick and easy and you control what information is displayed to the community

    Please consider registering your tools today!

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