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understand the definition of the OpenSEES command

From the Neeshub, can I find out the people who can answer my question regarding to the understanding of definition of command in OpenSEES program?

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    Gregory P Rodgers

    OpenSees is a simulation framework. The website where OpenSees is supported is

    The primary input to opensees is a set of commands in the TCL language including extensions to TCL that describe the thing you are trying to model. The TCL language allows you to programaticaly control the model and behavior of the simulation. You can google TCL to learn about this language.

    There is a nice reference manual that describes the extensions to TCL to describe your model. Here is a link directly to that reference manual .

    There is an active user community, wiki, and numerous examples at the OpenSees website. Please visit to learn more about OpenSees.

    Thank you for your question.

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