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Laura Nicole Lowes

are all projects automatically groups?

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    Dawn Weisman

    When a project is created, an associated group is also created for the project. As a part of NEEShub go-live, a group was created for each of the structured projects in the project warehouse.

    The purpose of the group associated to the project is to provide shared storage space for project team to use. This shared storage space can be found on the Data Sharing tab for the group. A dropbox may need to be initially created; the dropbox is the shared storage space for the group. Once the dropbox is created, there are a number of methods for accessing the dropbox. These methods are explained on the Data Sharing tab. SynchroNEES is an explorer-like too that allows the user to create directories and to drag and drop files into the dropbox.

    The group associated to the project also provides email functionality to members in the group, a wiki, and a discussion area.

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