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Alisa Neeman

Is there any 3D strain data in the Project Warehouse?

I am trying to find an example data set of 3D strain data for visualization. I’m hoping it will include sensor locations, sample’s geometry, and strain for each sensor location. Is there any data set like that in the NEES project warehouse or data repository?


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    Cheng Song

    I am not quite understand your question. Are you looking for data that contain 3D visualization of specimen models and sensor locations, as well as 2D plots of sensor measurements? If I interpret your question right, NEEShub have this type of data.

    One tool on NEEShub, called 3D Data Viewer, is used especially for this purpose. Currently this tool is still under development on NEEShub, a preliminary link for this tool is:

    Please check this tool first and let me know if this is what you are looking for.


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