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Keri L Ryan

How do we go about creating a project website in NEEShub?

The most recent NEESR solicitation suggests that NEESR projects should create a “project website” in NEEShub. I assume that such websites may go beyond the structured organization of the Project Warehouse to provide a public face to your project. How does one go about creating such a website and has anybody done it? Can such a website be released to the public prior to the curation, archiving, and public release of data in the project warehouse?

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    Stanislav Pejša

    Dear Keri, This possibly refers to the section on Implementation plan which says: Project Implementation Plan, to include the following: Project schedule. The schedule must explicitly show that all testing using NEES experimental facilities will be completed by September 30, 2014. Organizational chart, if there are four or more individuals, other than students, to be supported by the project. Project Website, using the NEES Project Warehouse format available at

    Interestingly enough, a similar wording appears on solicitation document in 2009 or 2008 (,

    I believe that that wording is confusing and does not correspond to reality any longer. Currently project pages are created by the NEEScomm upon announcement of the new NEESR awards. I have already alerted the Director of NEEScomm to this fact, so hopefully this section will be either removed or reworded in the next solicitation.

    The project page is set up as private and only publicly available facts about the research project are disclosed.

    Thank you for your question and please let me know if this answer is satisfactory.

    Best, Standa Pejša NEEScomm data curator

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