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Problem with running parallel jobs

I have placed the required files for performing a parallel job in /home/neeshub/salarmanie/6st (Uploaded a .zip file then extracting using Unzip in OpenSees Interpreter module),then at the Main Script of the Tool I entered: /home/neeshub/salarmanie/6st/Main-6ST-REV-NEES.tcl, but it didn’t work! Is there anything wrong with the file location address or something else? Thanks a lot

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    Frank McKenna

    the problem appears to be the default env that the user gets set up with .. the batchsubmit command used in the script not being in the default user path .. it’s in the path for developers .. i have put the full path to batchsubmit into the script that runs this app and checked it in through svn .. you will need to wait until the tool is updated or they change the default user path.

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