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Patricia Clayton

How to specify equipment at a non-NEES site?

A listing of the equipment used for an experiment is required for Project Warehouse curation. If the facility where the testing took place is not a NEES site, there is no equipment listed to select from, and the text box does not allow you to type in any names of equipment. How do you get around this?

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    Cheng Song

    Currently NEEShub does not allow users to input non-NEES facilities and equipments. To list equipments from non-NEES sites, we recommend users to upload documents into the documentation folder (either under project level or experiment level) to describe facilities and equipments that used in the experiments.

    Here are also some comments from our data curator Standa:

    In general, our goal is to document how data were recorded and collected. We are interested in the DAQ system, description of equipment on which testing was done – basically anything which will help researchers to understand the testing conditions.

    The basic characteristics of the equipment can be part of a document (either in PDF or MS Word, or even txt) of which filename would suggest purpose of that file, e.g. equipment_MUST_rolla.txt. If these instructions or documentations for the equipment in appropriate format they can be placed into a subdirectory Equipment in the Documentation folder (on the experiment level).

    We are currently working on improving the documentation for this situation, so we welcome any suggestions or feedback.


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