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Olympia Taskari

Run the SDOF_Concrete example using OpenSees and SimCor

Dear all, I’m trying to run the SimCor examples that are provided but I have some difficulties. I run some of them successfully but I met a problem with the “SDOF_Concrete” example. I would like to use OpenSees but after applying 4 seconds of the “elcentro” motion, the analysis stops. Could you please help me? Many thanks in advance, O.

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    Oh-Sung Kwon

    Hi Olympia,

    The reason that the analysis stopped at around 4 second was due to a convergence issue in the OpenSees model. You can check the error message in NICA_STDIO.log which logs communication between NICA and OpenSees. Please try to move the coordinate of node 2 in sdof.tcl from (0, 1750, 0) to (0, 1000, 0). I tried and could run analysis up to 5 sec of record.

    Feel free to post a message again if you have further questions.


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