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Workshop on NEEShub - The George E. Brown Jr., Network for Earthquake Engineering (NEES) Platform for Cyber Collaboration

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1:00 – 3:00 PM



The ABCs

Prof. Ellen Rathje, University of Texas at Austin

“The ABCs" part of the workshop is intended to introduce researchers and educators to the NEEShub, and its features for data management, research collaboration, and educational resources. The NEEShub may be used by any researcher or educator and accounts are free.  Features described include:

  • The Project Warehouse  (i.e., data repository of NEES).  An easy-to-understand introduction is given herein. More details are provided in the second part of the workshop.
  • The Project Display and the new data viewer inDEED. Together, these tools provide user-friendly access to and presentation of research data. The Data Model used for research data (i.e., Project, Experiment, Trial, Repetition) will be presented along with the data upload tool PEN (Project Explorer for NEES).
  • Group space, a new way to facilitate Research collaboration.  The Group space is a user-controlled area dedicated to group members for sharing data, files, and communication.
  • The NEESacademy, on NEEShub, provides online learning resources and collaborative design space using research data and research-grade simulations for educators and students of all ages.

Project Warehouse

Prof. Santiago Pujol, Purdue University

The second part of the workshop describes in more detail the NEES repository of data about earthquake engineering called The Project Warehouse.  Web-based tools that can be used to visualize and understand the data in the repository are showcased. These tools are also shown to have potential for use in a wide range of applications (extending well beyond NEES) in which sets of information from drawings, photographs, and sensors (or numerical simulation tools) need to be combined to describe a simulation (physical or numerical).

Using and Contributing Tools

Dr. Michael J. McLennan, Purdue University

The final part of the workshop,  “Using and Contributing Tools”, will cover significant aspects of tools and other resources available in the NEEShub. NEEShub provides a rich yet safe computing environment allowing users to run tools directly in NEEShub without downloading them.  Tools currently available on the NEEShub include the inDEED data viewer, OpenSees, SAPWood, and the Real-time Data Viewer (RDV). First, general information about searching for and using NEEShub tools will be provided.  After that, the process to contribute tools to NEEShub for tools will be examined.