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PEN Quick Start Guide

by Rachelle Howell, Gregory P Rodgers, Ian Mathew

PEN Quick Start Guide

This is the quick start guide for the Project Explorer for NEES (PEN). The application images and descriptions of functionality described in this guide are for versions 1.4 and higher.

To see what changes and enhancements have been implemented in the latest version of PEN, please check the Release Notes.

Please enter all tickets, questions, and wishes associated with PEN on the PEN home page.

Launching PEN

When you launch PEN, the application will present two panes. The left pane is the local directory tree. Initially this pane is empty. Once you have connected to a project, this pane will contain the directory structure of the project from the Project Warehouse. The right pane initially shows the login screen. Once you have connected to a project, the right pane will have two other tabs (“Info” and “File Import”) that will be used to prepare data for upload.

A folder named “pen” will be placed on your desktop the first time the application is launched. This folder contains the .jar files that the program needs to run. Should you accidentally (or intentionally) delete this folder, do not panic. PEN will recreate the folder the next time it is launched.


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