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Assessment and Evaluation Center

This section contains tools, theories and strategies to help you evaluate your activities.

In this section you will find tools and strategies to help you craft your own assessment and evaluation tools.  You will find resources on assessment theories and assessment tools that we have used in our activities.

The NEES community uses a variety of assessment and evaluations for our activities.

Wordle image of assessmentContent Rundown:

In the strategies pages you will find links to resources for designing assessments. These strategies cover a variety of resources that we have found helpful when creating assessments and feedback.

The pre and post tests section includes pre and post assessments that have been used in learning modules.

The surveys and other assessments section includes links to surveys that have been designed for NEES webinars, boot camps and annual meetings. Other types of assessments range from simple classroom activities such as using Wordle™ to create word clouds, to using inquiry-based questions and knowledge maps to assess content knowledge..