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Assessment and Evaluation Center - Strategies

Assessment and Evaluation Center (AEC) strategies for teachers and the NEES network

Below you will find details about many kinds of assessment and evaluation. In the table you will find links to content hosted on NEEShub as well as outside sources. Refer to the individual explanations for each resource for more information.

Strategic resources

Resource Details
Guideline Criteria for Evaluating Potential of the Activity Planning Document PDF file - The EOT Activity Work Plan in this document has been annotated with guidelines for a NEEScomm EOT review to evaluate both completeness and potential of the work plan. The primary goal is to evaluate the quality of the plan and maximizing its potential for impact (quantity and quality). These guidelines are based on strategies for effective project management and workflow. Sites can use these guidelines to assist their thinking in the completion of this work plan. The NEEScomm EOT leadership can use these guidelines to provide useful feedback to sites in an effort to increase the plans potential impact and successful approval.

Guidelines for Evaluation and Assessment of NEES EOT Learning Experiences PDF file - This paper provides guidelines for defining evaluation and assessment methods of the learning experiences used in the Education, Outreach and Training (EOT) efforts of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). The personnel responsible for designing and implementing NEES EOT activities are interested in continually improving the quality of their EOT activities and sharing these activities with others in the Network. Well defined evaluation instruments can provide the feedback necessary to monitor the quality of the EOT program. Also, these instruments can provide evidence the activity meets the desired learning outcomes which other users will want to replicate when they adopt them for their own EOT efforts. The purpose of this paper is to help NEES EOT personnel design effective evaluation and assessment instruments for the various learning experiences they implement. Many general reference materials exist to facilitate this purpose, however, the challenge is developing targeted measures to meet specific goals and define common measures and methods the NEES EOT community can use and share. This paper attempts to summarize the most relevant methods to the NEES EOT Community.

Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers Amazon Book Store - In the eleven years since the first edition of this book was published, Classroom Assessment has become increasingly useful in the teacher’s arsenal of tools. Once the concepts of CAT are understood, the instructor can move on to create course-specific techniques tailored to his or her teaching style and the learning styles of a particular class, thus greatly enhancing the usefulness of Classroom Assessment.
The Ultimate Training Workshop Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Leading Successful Workshops and Training Programs Amazon Book Store - Here is the most comprehensive guide to leading a training session or workshop ever published. This ``soup-to-nuts" reference answers just about every question a trainer/facilitator might have about leading a successful training program, from motivating participants to measuring the results. Based on 25 years of workshop experience, the book features hundreds of professional tips and tricks, plus reproducible materials to use at every step of the training process.