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Academy for Professionals

Research Reports, Webinars, Events and Programs for practicing professionals, researchers and engineers

In this section of NEESacademy you will find information about upcoming reports, seminars, events and programs that the NEES community and its affiliates are providing to the professional workforce. Additionally this section contains archives of previous work – research poster fairs, webinars and recorded seminars

The NEES community provides reports, webinars and seminars to share the research and its impact on Civil and Earthquake Engineering professions and beyond.


Content rundown:

On the Seminars and Webinars page you will find a collection of upcoming and archived resources related to NEES webinars. These cover diverse topics of professional development from reports on recent earthquakes (Haiti/Japan/New Zealand) to improved construction techniques and research findings from NEES activities.

The Programs pages provide access to news about new events and publications from past NEES (affiliates) events. This includes content from conference proceedings, posters and presentations. NEESacademy also offers specific applications to link geographically distributed participants together, such as WebEx meeting center, NEESlive and Quakequest virtual world.

Professionals seeking Continuing Education can enroll in upcoming courses, view course topics as well as view archived data about previous events. Additionally researchers and their students can find training materials from the NEES site staff that will acquaint them with the equipment and support the efficient operation of their research projects.