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Reducing Earthquake Losses: From Research to Practice

A webinar series co-sponsored by the Earthquake Engineering Research
Institute and the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
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The Research to Practice webinar series focuses on the outcomes of NEES research and their significance to engineering design and construction.  The content of the webinars are designed to appeal to both practitioners and researchers. Webinars are broadcast every couple of months and are archived here for continued access. Future webinars may be found in the calendar at



Seismic Performance of Architectural Precast Facade Systems December 2014
K. Michael McMullin, San Jose State University; T. Hutchinson, University of California at San Diego; M. Hildebrand, Willis Precast Co. Inc.; G. Underwood, Clark-Pacific Precast; E. Pantoli, University of California at San Diego
Lessons Learned from the Performance of a Base Isolated Hospital in Christchurch April 2014
R. Nigbor, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; H. Gavin, Duke University, Durham, NC
Adaptive Passive Stiffness Shaping and Apparent Weakening for Seismic Protection March 2014
S. Nagarajaiah, Rice University, Houston; A. M. Reinhorn and M. C. Contantinou, University at Buffalo, Buffalo; M. Symans, RPI, Troy; J. Zhang, UCLA, Los Angeles
From Large Scale Test Findings to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Base-Isolated Buildings November 2013
Keri Ryan, University of Nevada, Reno; Anthony Giammona, Nabih Youssef & Associates; Gilberto Mosqueda, University of California, San Diego; Stephen A. Mahin, University of California, Berkeley.
Use of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Design of Earthquake Resistant Shear Wall Coupling Beams July 2013
James K. Wight - University of Michigan, Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos - University of Wisconsin, Cary Kopczynski - Principal, Cary Kopczynski & Company
Behavior and Design of Concrete-Filled Beam-Columns May 2013
Larry Griffis - Walter P. Moore, Roberto T. Leon - Virginia Tech, Jerome F. Hajjar - Northeastern University
Performance, Analysis and Design of Flexural Concrete Walls February 2013
Dawn Lehman - University of Washington, Laura Lowes - University of Washington
Precast Concrete Walls for Seismic-Resistant Design: From PRESSS Research to PreWEC webinar October 2012
Sri Sritharan - Iowa State University, Suzanne Dow Nakaki - Principal of Nakaki Structural Design Inc.
Assessment of Seismic Performance of Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames May 2012
P.B. Shing - UC San Diego, Ioannis Koutromanos - UC San Diego, Andreas Stavridis - University of Texas, Arlington
Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Floor Diaphragms April 2012
Robert Fleischman - University of Arizona, Ned Cleland - Blue Ridge Design, S.K. Ghosh - SKG Associates
Improving the Seismic Performance of Concentrically Braced Frames: Proposed Design and Analysis Procedures Feburary 2012
Charles Roeder and Dawn Lehman - University of Washington
Lessons from Chile: Impacts on Earthquake Engineering of Concrete Buildings in the U.S July 2011
John Wallace - University of California, Los Angeles and Leonardo Massone - University of Chile, Santiago
Performance-Based Seismic Design of Mid-Rise Light-Frame Wood Buildings January 2011
John van de Lindt - University of Alabama and Steve Pryor - Simpson Strong-Tie


Development of Tsunami Design Provisions May 2013
Ian Robertson and H. Ronald Riggs - University of Hawaii, Manoa, Gary Chock - President of Martin & Chock, Inc.


Seismic Stability of Levees Resting Atop Peat Soil February 2014
Scott J. Brandenberg (M. EERI), UCLA; Jonathan P. Stewart (M. EERI), UCLA; Curt Schmutte, Schmutte Consulting; Anne Lemnitzer (M. EERI), University of California, Irvine
Improving Seismic Performance of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays Using Deep Soil Mixing October 2013
K.K. "Muralee" Muraleetharan (University of Oklahoma), Sri Sritharan (Iowa State University), Gerald Miller (University of Oklahoma), Amy Cerato (University of Oklahoma), Arul Arulmoli (Earth Mechanics, Inc.), and Juan Baez (Advanced Geosolutions, Inc.)
Shear Wave Velocity Profiling and its Importance in Seismic Design December 2011
Ken Stokoe - University of Texas, Austin and Ivan G. Wong - Principal Seismologist, URS Corporation

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Using the NEES@UCSB Data in Research and Education January 2013
Jamison Steidl - University of California at Santa Barbara, Sandy Seale - University of California at Santa Barbara
NEEShub Databases and Tools: Resources for Earthquake Engineering Practice June 2012
Ellen Rathje - University of Texas at Austin, JoAnn Browning - University of Kansas