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 Participation requirements
 How to Use this Course
 NEES REU Network Participation Requirements
 How to use this course (updated 5/25/2011)
 NEES Facilities Websites
 NEES REU Orientation Information
 NEES Forms & Standard Documents
 Samples of 2010 Research Papers
 Communications Workshop Powerpoint files
 Cyber-Seminar Power Point Files
 Young Researchers Symposium Information
 Kitchen Table - open discussion
 Mentor Training Information
 Webinar session for Mentors
 Orientation Photos
 Poster Guidelines and Templates
 REU Summer Photos
Section 1
 REU Introduction
 REU Ethics Assignment
Section 2
 Project Preview
 Literature Review Assignment -- Due 2 weeks after students start their program
Section 3
 PPT Template for Elevator Speech
 Elevator Talk - Completed
 Tuesday June 14th Cyber_Meeting -- REU Student Welcome & Introductions Review the REU Orientation
 Example Elevator talks
Section 4
 Reflections and reactions to the NEES Orientation Meeting
 REU Project Managment
 Thank You Notes for Bridge Tour
 Thank you notes for the Engineers who eat luch with you
 Thank you to DOGAMI
 Upload Orientation Photos Here
Section 5
 Tuesday June 28th Project Management WebEx Login Information
 Thursday June 30th Project Management WebEx Login Information
Section 6
 Project Update
 Graduate School Personal Statement
 Strengthening Your Application for Graduate Admission -- Tips
 Graduate School Personal Statement -- Reading Assignment
Section 7
 Graduate School Statement Peer Review
 Review Previous REU Posters
Section 8
 Poster Draft
 QUAKEquest Practice Session
Section 9
 Poster Draft Review
Section 10

Final Papers and Posters are not due until the YRS.

 Final Papers
 Poster PDF