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On this page you will find modules, resources and multimedia that you can use either whole or in part in your classroom.  These include teachable examples of basic physical principles related to statics, dynamics, structures and material properties.

A highshcool teacher teaching engineering Earthquake engineering provides an excellent context for learning about engineering design, experimentation and practice. The NEES community contributes various resources, activities, lessons and curricula to the Academy Resource pool.

Subsets of resources have been highlighted and are presented to you below. However, you might instead want to  search Search All Learning Resources.

The NEEShub provides simulation tools and data from projects which can engage learners in inquiry-based experiences.


Learning Modules

Dr. Shirley Dyke and Xiuyu Gao SDOF Experiment on Frequency Response Functions Lab Manual
Richard Christenson SDOF Freshman Earthquake Engineering Introduction Powerpoint Files, Homework Sheets, Syllabus
Dr. Shirley Dyke, Nestor Castaneda and Xiuyu Gao MDOF System: Vibration Absorber Lab Manual
Dr. Shirley Dyke Introduction to Dynamics of Structures Professor's Manual, Student Manual, Program Files
Tyler Ranf and Dr. Shirley Dyke Transfer Function Iteration Algorithm Professor's Manual, Program Files
K. McMullin Earthquake-Resistant Bridge Competition for Introductory Engineering Students Professor's Manual, Student Manual
Joel Conte, Alberto Salamanca, Carol Choi and Jack Rosenfeld Demonstration of Lateral-Torsional Coupling in Building Structures Professor's Manual, Student Manual, MATlab and SAP2000 Files, Videos, Photos
John Bolander, Tara Hutchinson and Stefano Berton Dynamic Behavior of Simple Soil-Structure Systems Professor's Manual, Student Manual, File Listing
Billie Spencer K-12 Outreach Activities in Earthquake Engineering Professor's Manual, Student Manual
Michael Symans Shaking Table Demonstration of Dynamic Response of Base-Isolated Buildings Professor's Manual, Student Manual
Thomas Miller and Brenda Shonkwiler Small Shake Table Experiments and Comparison to Analytical Predictions Professor's Manual, Student Manual, Video Clips