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Make Your Own Earthquake

This page lists activities that can be used to help teach students about the characteristics of earthquake motion and how earthquakes affect structures. Through a crafted set of learning modules that utilize low cost equipment, your students will experience what it is like to be a real earthquake engineer!

This module set covers the construction of a “shake table” as well as how to instrument it, test structures, and what to do with the results. They include ideas for assessment and extension as well as how they relate back to real world engineering .

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When a fault ruptures energy is released in the form of waves that travel through the earth. These waves cause the shaking in an earthquake. Scientists and engineers use seismographs and accelerometers to measure the size of these waves. These measurements are used to define the earthquake magnitude.

In the Make Your Own Earthquake Series students explore homemade earthquake records to understand characteristics of earthquake motion and use inexpensive shake tables to study how earthquake affect structures

B elow you will find a searchable list of all the modules that form part of the Make Your Earthquake Series. Start with the INTRO and BACKGROUND Lesson plans (look for resources of type “LEARNING OBJECT”), and browse some of the multimedia.

NEES has created some powerpoint presentations to complement the tool:

"Make Your Own Earthquake" Learning Modules

Below you will find a document featuring lesson plans for K-12 classrooms relating to earthquake motion as part of the "Make Your Own Earthquake" series. You may download or print these lessons with the icons below the flipbook.

To zoom in on a page, double-click the flipbook. Double-clicking again will zoom out.

Make Your Own Earthquake Series

A Highlighted Learning Module Series from NEES. This list contains all the multimedia and lessons plans associated with MYOE.