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Survive the Wave

This page contains series of lessons and activities about tsunamis, their impact on structures and the environment, and how to stay safe in the event of a tsunami.

This module set covers construction of a tsunami wave generator for classroom use, as well as activities to use it, test structures and what to do with the results. They include ideas of assessment and extensions as well as how they relate back to real world engineering .

Large Wave tank at NEES OSU T sunamis are generated by abrupt vertical movements of the seafloor caused by earthquakes, underwater landslides, or underwater volcanic eruptions. Waves travel at speeds up to 600 mph (970 km/hr) and can travel for thousands of miles across the ocean. The enormous energy released when a tsunami runs up on land can destroy everything in its path.

The Survive the Waves Series (available in the searchable list below) allows students to explore the formation and impacts of these devastating natural hazards.


"Survive the Wave" Learning Modules

Below you will find a document featuring lesson plans for K-12 classrooms relating to tsunamis as part of the "Survive the Wave" series. You may download or print these lessons with the icons below the flipbook.

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Survive the Wave Series

A Highlighted Learning Module Series from NEES. This list contains all the multimedia and lessons plans associated with Survive the Wave.