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Ways To Improve The Effectiveness Of The Essay  edit    delete

Category: Education
Description: Many a times it is possible to judge the book by its cover. Such is the case with the introduction of the essay that gives insight into the quality of the essay the introduction gives an indication of what a person might have to read in the upcoming paragraphs. By reading the introduction the reader is able to make out the quality of you content. To know how to write an effective introduction you can refer to the sample essays available on the site Article given below also intends to draw your attention towards the significance of the introduction as an important ingredient of the essay.

The points given below needs to be followed in order to construct an effective introduction for the essay. You can follow three simple steps to write an effective introduction:

Write a topic sentence: You need to write a sentence in the very beginning of the essay which acts as a topic sentence. This sentence tends to act as the charm for the reader that builds the interest of the reader. On the flip side of the coin if the line is not so attention grabbing then it tends to suppress even a little bit of interest that the reader might have had in the beginning in reading your essay. You can use a phrase or an idiom as the opening line of your essay. This will act as an icing on the cake.
For instance you can go in for phrases like technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, a man without education is like a bird without wings or money makes the mare go in case you have to write essays related to technology, education or money.

Reiteration: The next fundamental step in writing an introduction is the rephrasing of the topic of the essay. This gives the clarity of the essay topic to the reader. The simple way of rephrasing the question of the essay is using the synonyms of the words given in a topic and rephrasing the topic. The sole purpose of doing so is making the question easy for yourself to attempt. Additionally it also servers the purpose of readability test. The reader need not refer to the question of the essay if you are able to make it clear in the eyes of the reader that what all are you going to give ideas upon.

Own Viewpoint: Giving your own viewpoint is the third line of the introduction that plays a vital role in making the introduction even more clear. In this line you give reader the clarity of what you are going to discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. This line should clearly mention your point of view with reference to the question of the essay.

For example whether you are going to discuss the pros and cons or the cause, effect and solution of something or else you are going to agree or disagree with the statement

All these points together form an effective introduction.
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