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Basic Parameters Of An Effective Essay Writing  edit    delete

Category: Education
Description: Writing an essay is not at all a cumbersome task as it seems at the outset. You just need to jot down your ideas. However, there are umpteen points that need to be considered while writing an essay. The prominent among all these things is the quality of the essay. Once you are done writing the essay one question that crops up in your head is the effectiveness of your essay. This question is no doubt the most important because it is on basis of this that your essay is going to be assessed. You can have a look at the well prepared essay that satisfy your needs on Here are few steps that you can follow to write an effective essay in less time using less efforts;

Do not submit your essay before having done and followed the following re checking process. This can help in having you a lot of marks that you can otherwise lose. These things are as follows:

* Spellings: You need to read aloud your essay and find out the spelling errors that you have made. This is the worst mistake that you can ever do to ruin your entire effort.

* Punctuations: Carefully use all the punctuation marks and leave no error in the usage of the same. Try to use least punctuation marks possible, the two most important are the comma and a full stop.

Usage of the words: Sometimes while in a hurry to write an essay people tend to make errors in using the words which have almost the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. For example the most common errors are in the in the usage of, “Their and There” , as students tend to interchange these words. They use their in place of there and this straight away leaves a vent for the grammatical errors. Next is the usage of, “Then and Than”, these are another pair of words that are commonly interchanged by the students. Last but not the least, “ Lose and Loose”, kids tend to forget taking care of the usage of these two words as well.
Add vocabulary to your essay: You need to avoid repeating same words again and again by making use of the nearly similar words. Instead of writing travelers again and again you can make use of the words like voyager, commuter etcetera.
Avoid usage of informal words: Using word range like can’t, don’t, I’m is not acceptable. These words are considered under the category of the informal language that has the capacity to adversely impact your work.
If you keep all the above given points in your mind while writing an essay then no one can stop you from scoring well. These points can act as weapon to drastically improve the quality of your essay. These are also the basic parameters on which your essay is assessed by the reader especially if the purpose of writing an essay is to fetch good scores.
When: Monday 12 September, 2016 8:00 am EDT - Friday 15 December, 2017 5:00 pm EST
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