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Collaboration: The Benefits of WebEx

  1. Host virtual meetings among distributed researchers. NEESit provides one free WebEx account to all Equipment Sites and NEESR projects.
  2. Begin using immediately. No additional software is required. All that is needed is a web browser, basic Java installation and a telephone.
  3. Share your computer desktop or a specific application to show experiment results or train remote researchers.
  4. Distribute and annotate presentations or documents with participants during a meeting.
  5. Transfer files to participants during the meeting.
  6. Broadcast common video files to participants as you would a document or presentation.
  7. Utilize inexpensive web cameras during your session for a more face-to-face experience.
  8. Overcome geographic distances to conduct remote training or hold a support session to troubleshoot remote computers.
  9. Explore WebEx\'s many features including: session recording, chatting, scheduling reoccuring meetings and integration with MS Outlook.
  10. Access 24-hour WebEx Strategy Support (Tier 2) at 1-866-569-3239 to resolve any problems.

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