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Can I have more information on Resource Discovery

The January 2011 CMMI conference will include an online poster session hosted on the NEEShub, a website created by the the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) The website provides a powerful method for organizing poster around programs and specialized searching across programs to seek common themes. We encourage all poster participants to contribute their poster to this interesting event management system. ALL students are required to contribute their poster to the Student Program. Follow these directions to access the CMMI pages on Here you can view other’s research posters, and contribute your own research poster:

  1. Logon to NEEShub ( with your User ID and Password. If you have never visited before, there is a simple and free registration process.
  2. From the menu in the top banner, go to “Learning and Outreach” -> “For Professionals”.
  3. Click “CMMI Conference 2011” ( This page is exclusively for the CMMI conference) .
  4. Find your program category in the left menu on the CMMI page.
  5. You can then view posters in your category and contribute your own using the “Add to the collection” link.

Things to note when contributing:

  1. A title is required, but we encourage you to paste your abstract into the online form in step 1.
  2. Attach an image (jpeg,jpg,gif) version of your poster in step 2. Even better is to attach a picture, then attach one again making sure the ‘use as thumbnail image instead of full image’ checkbox is checked. This will ensure people can see your poster in full color on the webpage. Be sure to also attach a pdf or other downloadable version of your poster.
  3. Unless you wish to add other authors who are NEEShub users, you can skip step.
  4. In step 4, some tags will be auto added to your submission, but be creative and think of lots of extra tags to write in here. We provide some suggestions for areas of tags on this page, but feel free to write in additional subject keywords. You can always come back and add more later.
  5. Be sure to carefully read the terms of the submission and review your submission.

Addditional illustration on the steps is available here.

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