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My site is having problems with robotic camera control in flexTPS.

Two patches were released to address problems with camera robotic control in FlexTPS 2.0.1, but both of these issues have been resolved by the latest release (2.2). If you have encountered either of the following situations, please upgrade to the latest version of flexTPS or apply the patches first before placing a support ticket.

  1. When using authentication (source_auth.conf) for robotic control, the controls no longer function correctly. If you can control the cameras from the source, such as an Axis box, then you should apply the flexTPS-r770_771.patch file.
  2. The second patch is only for those using the newer Axis 213 cameras. Axis has instituted a new feature which uses cookies to manage remote robotic control. The axis_213_cookie_support.patch file will allow robotic control to function correctly in flexTPS.

Both patches can be obtained from the Tools submenu (flexTPS) under Tools and Resources menu.

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