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Can a project be private or closed to public

Yes. It is understandable that researchers and NEES Data Repository users need to have some access control over their data and related research material. Researchers need time for analysis and documentation of their research, and for the distribution of their findings in the professional literature.

In most cases an embargo period of 12 months since the last experiment is completed is sufficient and after 12 months all data and documentation should be released to public. Under some specific circumstances some data files or even a whole project can be kept private and open only to members for the project group. These conditions, however, need to be reported in the NEEScomm Equipment Site Utilization Form (ESUF) before the experiment period starts or communicated to the NEES Data Repository administrators.

However, data made available through the NEES Data Repository are also a citable resource. It gives researchers additional exposure and credit. By making their data, whether raw, derived, or corrected available for re-analysis and verification, their research and academic credibility grows, as well. For the NEES policies associated with this process, please see the Data Sharing and Archiving Policies.

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