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How can we access dropbox using WebDAV on Windows 7 64bit

BitKinex can be used to access dropbox using WebDAV on Windows 7 64bit

Download and Install BitKinex from the web.Upon successful installation, please follow the following instructions

  1. Right click on http/WebDAV to add a new http/webdav source
  2. Give it a name and hit enter
  3. server address = \"\", security = \"SSL\", enter your and
  4. Before clicking on \"OK\", click on the \"Data Source\" on the top left corner of the dialog box
  5. Change your \"Default Directory:\" to \"/data/groups//dropbox\"
  6. If you want to add multiple groups then

    1. On \"Data Source\" , Go to Properties
    2. Under Server, select the Site Map
    3. Click on one of the Path entries
    4. Edit it and click add, repeat for all groups that you want to add. eg:\"/data/groups//dropbox\"

NetDrive as an option on Windows 7 64bit

Free version of NetDrive, can be used to map a WebDAV share to a drive letter assuming users select the \'use HTTPS\' advanced option. Integration with windows drive mounts is important because it eliminates the need to copy files to the local machine then upload them. All the files are then available through the Windows Explorer file browser.

NetDrive can be downloaded from here.

More information on the use of NetDrive is available here.

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