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flexTPS Installation Error: Can’t locate in @INC

We have seen at least one case of a flexTPS (RHEL4 bundle) installation issue when a RHEL4 system is subscribed to additional channels in the RHN network.

Specifically, the Red Hat Web Application Stack 1.0 Beta (for AS v. 4 x86) channel provides a newer release of Perl, but the NEESit flexTPS install expects the 5.8.5 version.

If you are already affected by this, you should be able to back out of it by unsubscribing from any additional channels and running the following commands as root to roll back your Perl version:

  1. # rpm -e --nodeps httpd mod_perl perl mod_ssl flexTPS_portal NEEScommIT-flexTPS_addon
  2. # up2date-nox -i httpd mod_perl mod_ssl perl
  3. # rpm -ivh flexTPS_portal-2.0.1-1.el4.noarch.rpm NEEScommIT-flexTPS_addon-2.0.1-rhel4.i386.rpm

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