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Notable Quotes

On behalf of the Punching Shear Databank Task Group members and as Co-Chair of ACI Subcommittee 445C (Punching Shear), I would like to thank NEES for agreeing to provide a "home" for our punching shear databank. We believe the body of data we have collected is key for … › more

Carlos Emilio Ospina
BergerABAM Inc.

The links to databases are a fantastic idea – especially having so many shear wall databases in one place. In fact, I’m planning on using them in the nonlinear analysis portion of a graduate level earthquake engineering course.

John van de Lindt
The University of Alabama

We have worked with the NEEShub on two IT projects in the past two years. These two projects were (1) Spreadsheet2PEN and (2) shear wave velocity database. We have communicated with the NEEScomm IT director, Dawn Weisman, on both projects. Dawn is an excellent manager … › more

Farn-Yuh Menq
University of Texas