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Notable Quotes

We have worked with the NEEShub on two IT projects in the past two years. These two projects were (1) Spreadsheet2PEN and (2) shear wave velocity database. We have communicated with the NEEScomm IT director, Dawn Weisman, on both projects. Dawn is an excellent manager. At each discussion, Dawn quickly found out who was responsible for the task, delegated the work, started the communication, and later followed up on the progress. Her dedication and management skill is highly appreciated. We also appreciate the help of two graduate students provided by NEEScomm on the shear wave velocity database project. The two students, Rachelle Howell and Kari Nasi, were both highly knowledgeable on the tools available at NEEShub. They spent numerous hours pulling data out from previous 8 NEES research projects to complete the shear wave velocity database. This database was completed in February, 2011. It was ranked as the #1 Google search result for “shear wave velocity profile database” in April, 2011.

Farn-Yuh Menq
University of Texas