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Notable Quotes

On behalf of the Punching Shear Databank Task Group members and as Co-Chair of ACI Subcommittee 445C (Punching Shear), I would like to thank NEES for agreeing to provide a "home" for our punching shear databank. We believe the body of data we have collected is key for further understanding the punching phenomenon in slabs subjected to more complex loading conditions such as those induced by earthquakes. The databank gathering effort is endorsed by ACI Committee 445 (Shear and Torsion). We are impressed about the NEEShub platform capabilities and appreciate the support received from Profs. Pujol and Catlin in making the data sharing happen. We look forward to further interacting with you with the goal of disseminating the information to the public in the near future.

Carlos Emilio Ospina
BergerABAM Inc.