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  • Created 13 Dec 2010

Events List

  1. NEES / EERI Research to Practice Webinar

    no content

  2. 15WCEE

    Lisbon, Portugal

  3. NEEShub Bootcamp at QuakeSummit 2012

    The NEEShub Boot Camps are a series of workshops hosted by NEEScomm and aimed at familiarizing students and researchers with the expectations for projects on NEEShub, as well as the capabilities of the system. Boot Camp Sessions in Boston Quake Summit 2012, the NEES Annual Meeting, is right around the corner.This year, we are offering four NEEShub Boot Camp sessions on July 11. These sessions are particularly well-suited for graduate students involved with NEES research. Attendees are...

  4. Boot Camp Webinar: inDEED and the Authoring Tool

    This NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar will demonstrate data visualization capabilities available through the inDEED and Specimen Authoring tools. The NEEShub allows researchers to share their data with the engineering community using several tools. The objective of this NEEShub Boot Camp webinar is to demonstrate the use of the tools inDEED and the Specimen Authoring Tool. InDEED is a tool that gives the user a way to process, visualize, analyze, and compare experimental and numerical earthquake...

  5. Large capacity simulations on NEEShub

    This NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar will introduce users to new NEEShub capabilities in the area of Simulation and Batch Processing. Recently added batch processing services will be discussed and demonstrated. These services make it easy to orchestrate a set of simulations runs for many different test cases and to provide access to high-capacity Scratch space. Upon completion of the Webinar, participants will be able to write scripts to submit one or more jobs to multiple execution venues ...

  6. Boot Camp Webinar: Data Upload

    This webinar will cover data upload through the project editor and PEN. Webinar start time: Noon EST, 11 am CST, 9 am PST The webinar will last 1 hour.

  7. Boot Camp Webinar: Introduction to NEEShub and Data Curation

    This NEEShub Boot Camp webinar will introduce the basic NEEShub features that facilitate research and will provide an introduction to data curation. Topics to be discussed include: • The Project Warehouse and its Project Display • Tools for data upload • Metadata and documentation requirements • Data organization This webinar is aimed at graduate students, and researchers, who will be responsible for uploading research data into the Project Warehouse, as well as NEESR PIs interested...