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  • Created 14 Jul 2013

Hybrid Simulation is increasingly being recognized as a powerful technique that offers the opportunity for global system evaluation of civil infrastructure systems to extreme dynamic loading. Advances in this field are enabling more cost-effective and efficient evaluations of new structural systems under realistic conditions. 

This Hybrid Simulation Group is intended to support interactions and ongoing community-wide efforts to enable a broad set of users, both new and existing, to fully access the power of hybrid simulation capabilities.

All are welcome. To join, please use the “Join” button to the left. This group's pages point to resources available, including workshop reports, documentation to support users new to HS, demonstration codes to learn how to implement HS and RTHS, and data and reports from past projects. 

See the Wiki pages accessible through the menu for information and resources related to HS and RTHS. 

Note that several hybrid simulation projects have been conducted within the network and data is available from those experiment and simulations. The Hybrid Simulation Data Model (developed by Lehigh University) is now implemented in the NEES Data Repository. The HS icon,, used throughout the NEEShub, will guide you to resources dedicated to supporting this growing community. 

Please email the group manager or submit a support ticket if you have questions or content to add to these wiki pages. 

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