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How to sell property: 40 Rules to Know

The sale is the # 1 talent to possess, to make a profitable business. Mona cayard No sales, no money back. No matter how you sell, whether distance selling, negotiating face to face, indirect sales There are some rules to follow to acquire as many customers as possible, and especially keep them. And a small company with a portfolio of major customer can then take a breather in its exploration.

Anyway, as an entrepreneur, Mona cayard you must be an outstanding seller! Even more, if you have a sales team that works for you. Here are 40 rules I use (bulk, I want to say !), And I recommend you to know, to sell your product or service, and customer loyalty :

1 – Have empathy for your prospects / customers. (Look above all to understand and solve the problem, rather than himthrowyour product)

2 – Be direct, frank and just answer his questions.

3 – Socialize. Know your future customers, really interesting to them.

4 – Start first by introducing yourself, then ask questions to your customers. QuestionsOpenonly, which will lead you to find the customer’s problem.

5 – Do not give any details of the product, Mona cayard only those that meet the customer’s problem. ( Unless your prospective client asks you )

6 – Give it figures, and details he can not refute.

7 – Do not mention the price that last.

8 – Always prove your statements with evidence, documentary evidence, facts.

9 – Especially no errors in your numbers, your prospects or customers will always seek to verify the information you give it.

10 – Introduce an Irresistible Offer Mona cayard This is an offer that corresponds exactly to the problem of lead, an offer that does not allow him to say no , even if your price is high.

11 – Identify yourself to the person in front of you. Imitate ( discreetly ), his gestures, his vocabulary to establish a climate of trust.

12 – The prospect / client, you must speak, in the case of a negotiation.

13 – Have a good corporate image. Your attire, equipment, etc..

14 – Before selling your product or service, the first thing to sell, it’s you. With your experience, your skills, your former clients

15 – Always ask the client what he thinks of what you say mona cayard.

16 – Confirm the client’s problems, with phrases like So you need a quality partner to help you increase the distribution of your product is not it ?

17 – Never use the word No when the customer makes an objection. Rather a phrase likeYour point is interesting very good question mona cayard., then follow theWhy do you say that? Or But if the price is high, it is because unlike our competitors, our products last 10 years instead of 2 years ‘

18 – The customer is always right. Doubts and objections are still justified.

19 – Before starting, set a date when you resume contact.

20 – Be friendly, and willing to consider any demands or requests.

21 – Always give a price above your minimum margin to predict the possible reduction applications.

22 – Never give a free reduction, exchange there against a service, such as a one-time payment, a commitment of 1 year or 2 years, etc..

23 – Offer a guarantee, your goal is not to sell only, Mona cayard but to serve the customer. Offer a money back guarantee that your product will serve well to the customer.

24 – Change all your expressions such asIf you use ,If we work togetherexpressions by projecting you and your client to the future. When we work together ,When you use

25 – In the same spirit, recognize signals. If your prospect saysAnd when I have the server in my company is that I could ?That means he imagines with what you have to offer, show him your irresistible offer, and summarize the solutions to its problems.

26 – Whatever the technology or innovation that you will sell your product is not exceptional in the eyes of your customers. Mona cayard Know play low profile and focus on solving problems.

27 – Build a personal connection with your customers. Without going into indiscretion, some questions like And the computer for you is a passion?Are always appreciated. The person know that you are not interested in its portfolio.

28 – Be dynamic, smiling. Your behavior will influence on the image you send your product or service.

29 – Do not be too pushy, the aim is not to annoy the prospect, but rather togenerate interestand curiosity.

30 – I should have put it at the beginning, make sure you ‘re in front of someone who can make decisions. Or if you can not reach that person in the first instance, a person who can get the message. A simple request, when making appointments, such as Could you provide me with the person responsible for making decisions about the marketing strategies?Will save you a lot of time.

31 – Rephrase your customers objections, to show that you understand it, and see it as an opportunity to bring new information, additional value.

32 – Adopt the language of the prospect, if it is a book, talk cipher. If it’s a seller, tell sale. A marketer, talk in terms of image, return on investment.

33 – Never speak ill of your former customers, suppliers or competitors. Your partner could be identified in your review.

34 – Do not talk to say nothing, and be brief.

35 – Recognize the perfect time to withdraw. Your customer will tell you that very rarely. Good thank you very much, goodbye. You must be the person who says goodbye.

36 – In some cases, do not try to sell to the first contact. Instead, rather try to acquire as much information, and to really understand the needs of your customers.

37 – The most important effort is made after the purchase, with the customer service. Concentrate in constant customer satisfaction. Offer constant monitoring, and build a database of satisfied customers.

38 – Do not be afraid of failure, success is bound by failure. And sales, you will have more rejection than sales. Rejection is a normal process, a routine, which must be used.

39 – If you have made ​​the sale of the year, do not hesitate to sleep and already looking to surpass this sale.

40 – Finally, celebrate your successes, your numbers, it’s important to be proud of your accomplishments

You know everything, good sales ! I love the comments ! A little for the road?