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  • Created 12 Nov 2010

About the Group

Metal Building Systems make up a large portion of new low-rise, non-residential construction today. These systems are designed to be extremely efficient and as such exhibit very different behavior than other steel building systems. The current building codes lump Metal Building Systems in with other types of steel building systems in terms of their design criteria.

Through support of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation, and the American Iron and Steel Institute, three Metal Building System specimens will be tested to determine the seismic response of various configurations. The first specimen will be a typical Metal Building System with metal panel side walls. The second specimen will have pre-cast tilt-up concrete sidewalls. The third will have a concrete floor mezzanine attached to one side as well as a tilt-up sidewall.

The full-scale specimens will represent the interior of a 20 ft. high metal building with 18 ft. bay spacing and 60 ft. span length. The response of each specimen will be used to calibrate models for a FEMA P695 study which will determine appropriate design criteria for these unique building systems.

Project Overview