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  • Created 14 Jan 2011

About the Group

Researchers from Japan and the United States have been collaborating during the past two years on building tests to be conducted at the E-Defense shake table facility in Miki City, Japan, in December 2010, where two four-story, full-scale buildings will be tested side by side subjected to three dimensional seismic shaking. As the outcome of this international planning, U.S. researchers have the opportunity to provide additional sensors on the test specimens to enable measurement of more detailed building response during the tests. Through this award, the U.S. research team will provide additional sensors, cables, and data acquisition systems for the testing in addition to the 400 sensors being provided by the Japanese; the Japanese E-Defense staff will install the U.S. sensor mounts, sensors, and cables. This additional data will enable improved building model calibration and/or calibration for flexure and for shear-flexure interaction.

Project Overview