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NEEShub Bootcamp - February 2011

By Rajesh Thyagarajan

Purdue University

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This is the Boot Camp Webinar held on February 4th 2011.

NEEScomm conducted a 3-hour interactive training session on Friday, 4 February 2011 for researchers and graduate students entitled NEEShub Boot Camp.

NEEShub Boot Camp will introduce the NEEShub features that facilitate research and will provide hands-on training for data management and research collaboration tools. Topics include:

  • The Project Warehouse (i.e., data repository) and its Project Display
  • Recommended procedures for data archiving and sharing
  • Project Editor tool for creating/editing projects in the Project Warehouse
  • Project Explorer for NEES (PEN) tool for bulk data upload
  • inDEED tool for data viewing and manipulation
  • Group space and SynchroNEES for research collaboration

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