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University of California, Berkeley

Training and Certification

Training Programs for On-Site Researchers

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Training Programs for Remote Participants

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Training Documents

Name Timestamp Size  
UserManual_HybridSim_Mosqueda2004.pdf 2006-06-16 17:01:34 478 KB
UserManual_RRW_MosalamElkhoraibi2004.pdf 2006-06-16 17:01:34 4 MB

Safety policies and requirements (from NEES O&M proposals)

Name Timestamp Size  
Manual_LabSafety_2004.pdf 2006-06-16 17:01:20 187 KB

On Site Procedures

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Proposal Preparation

Name Timestamp Size  
NEESatBerkeley_Scheduling_Guidelines_Safety_Access...04.pdf 2006-06-16 17:01:21 59 KB
NEESatBerkeley_RechargeRatesAndFees11032004.pdf 2006-06-16 17:01:24 365 KB

Additional Documents

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