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How to watch a WebEx recorded meeting or event

You can watch recordings of WebEx meetings and events, including webinars, for free—on demand, anytime. There are two ways to watch.

From a URL or hyperlink

Most recorded WebEx sessions are accessed by a clicking a specific URL (a web address), either sent to you via email or on a website. To watch, you don\'t need the WebEx Player at all – just click the link or copy and paste it into your web browser. The recording will play right in your browser.

Note: Please note that a WebEx recording is available to the meeting host and WebEx sends out an email when the recording is available for access. The recording is usually available with in a day or two of the meeting. The host can then forward the email to others as needed.

From a file

If you have recorded your own WebEx session, or if you\'ve downloaded a recording from, use our free WebEx Player to watch it.

Have a file you recorded on your computer yourself?

Download the .WRF player (Windows)

Download the .WRF player (Mac OS X, Intel)

Have a file you downloaded from

Download the .ARF player (Windows)

Download the .ARF player (Mac OS X, Intel)

What\'s the difference between .WRF and .ARF?

The .WRF (WebEx Recording Format) player is used to watch recordings of WebEx sessions you\'ve made yourself and saved to your computer. You can edit .WRF files and convert them to .WMV (Windows Media Video) format by using the WebEx Recording Editor, which is a separate download.

Alternatively, follow the links below for downloading the Recording Player:

To download the WebEx Player or Network Recording Player, click one of the following links:

for .ARF for .WRF for .WOT
Windows 2000+
Download (12MB) Download (Recorder+Player, 5MB) Download(2MB)
Mac OS X 
Download (8MB) Download (Player only, 2MB) N/A
User\'s Guide (PDF) User\'s Guide (PDF) N/A
* For audio playback, a sound card and speakers, or a headphone jack and headphones, are required.

The .ARF (WebEx Advanced Recording Format) player is used to watch recordings you\'ve downloaded from WebEx and saved to your computer. You can convert .ARF recordings to .WMV (Windows Media Video) format or .SWF (Flash) using the player. No stand-alone .ARF editor is currently available.

If you want to record your own files in .ARF format, use WebEx Network-Based Recording (NBR), available by special order to complement your WebEx service. Get more information with our Network-Based Recording feature fact sheet (PDF).

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