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Will a project be curated even if it is not a NEES-funded project

Yes, it will be curated. The NEEShub is an open repository for data from the earthquake engineering community, and thus the quality and completeness of the data therein must be maintained. For more details see the FAQ above \"Is it mandatory for every project in the NEES Data Repository.\" NEES also encourages that the data in the NEEShub are made public as soon as possible, so that new researchers can start based on stored data.

It should be in all data creators\' interest that their data are safely stored and actively managed, so that the data and all relevant documentation are easily retrievable, understandable, and executable in the future. If left neglected and uncurated, the data will eventually deteriorate, become corrupt, or inaccessible due to obsolete software that was supposed to render the data file.

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