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How to use your HUB storage space in tools

When use tools on NEEShub, the designated place to save model or output files is users' personal HUB storage space. It is shown as the H drive in the virtual machine where the tool is running. Users can open/save files from/to that drive in the tool session, and access/download the files any time later in their personal HUB storage space.

To access the personal NEEShub storage space, one can use either Webdav, Secure FTP softwares, or SynchroNEES.

1. To use Webdav, refer to this link for instructions:

2. To use Secure FTP softwares, sftp to, and input NEEShub account and password information to connect to users' personal space.

3. SynchroNEES was created by the NEES project to make it easy to access the NEEShub personal directory from one's desktop. To download this tool, go to this link:

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