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    Gregory P. Rodgers Ph.D. is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at AMD Research and a Purdue University Visiting Professor. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Penn State University. His HPC experience includes architecture, implementation, and application programming. While at IBM he was chief systems architect for several supercomputers including MareNostrum. He was also an IBM systems engineer for Platform Symphony and GPFS. He led IBM microprocessor design tools and the port of Linux to POWER. As Distinguished Engineer at HPCLinks, he created the VERTEX heterogeneous processing architecture. At Purdue, he was the IT technical lead for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation NEES. He recently joined AMD to research run-time environments and tools to support exascale computing with Heterogeneous System Architecture HSA. He continues as a Purdue Visiting Professor to develop data analytics curriculum. Dr. Rodgers currently resides in Austin Texas.

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