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    Dr. Taichiro Okazaki is Associate Professor of Architectural and Structural Design at Hokkaido University. He holds a B.E. and M.E. in Architectural Engineering from Kyoto University. He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 2004 from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to his appointment at Hokkaido University in January 2011, he was Researcher at the National Research Center for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention of Japan, Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, and a research engineer at the Building Research Institute of Japan. Dr. Okazaki’s research interests are in the behavior of steel structures, structural mechanics, and earthquake engineering. Dr. Okazaki has extensive experience with large-scale tests of structural components and connections. He has been on the research team of three shake-table test projects conducted at E-Defense of the National Research Center for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. Dr. Okazaki is author of eighteen archival journal papers and his work has been implemented in U.S. building codes. Dr. Okazaki is a member of a number of professional societies including the Architectural Institute of Japan, the Japanese Society of Steel Construction, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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