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    Dr. Keith Adams joined the NEES team as Director of Education, Outreach and Training in March 2011. He comes to NEEScomm from the Physics Department at Purdue, where he was the Physics Outreach Coordinator. In that position he has done demonstrations for the Big Ten network and for the Boiler Bytes Magazine, coordinated RET and REU experiences within physics and developed numerous demonstration models for current physics research. Prior to Purdue he was a Professor of Mathematics (Statistics) and Physics in Connecticut. He has taught mathematics and sciences starting in elementary school through middle school and high school, basing his curriculum on the student-centered activity learning process. Dr. Adams retired from the U. S. Navy in 1997 as a Commander, having served most of his career within the area of International Security Assistance working in conjunction with the Department of State and Defense in the Falklands, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon and various other locations in the far east, middle east and Australasia area. He completed his naval service as the Commanding Officer, U. S. Navy Research Labs in Natick, MA.

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