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Continuing Education

Information and portals for educational courses for practicing professionals

Education doesn’t stop once you get your diploma. NEES is committed to providing continuing education to our network members. This section contains relevant links to courses hosted at NEESacademy

continuining education at NEESacademyNEESacademy hosts a number of free and paid courses using a popular online learning system, Moodle, embedded into NEEShub. You don’t need additional logon credentials to enter courses, just your NEEShub user account. Paid courses are managed with secure payment methods and often have professional credits associated with them.

Introductions to major courses are listed below, and you can find specific courses in the continuing education menu.

Title Description Status
Wood Education Institute Certification The Wood Education Institute was created in 2008 to address the glaring lack of wood design education at the university level. The national recognition of the value of the eco-friendly construction materials has elevated the need for using wood beyond residential construction. Not only is wood one of the oldest construction materials it is also recognized as being renewable, biodegradable, carbon negative, cost effective and a naturally pleasing material. The understanding of this material and its expanded and effective use in construction of non-residential structures is consistent with our National Goals and International obligations as it relates to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Course
SMU-RPI Collaboration These courses are part of a prototype course category for the TUES grant with RPI and SMU. They are currently under development and not accepting enrollments.  Please check back later for updates. Course
Safety Training The set of courses in the Safety Training catalog certifies NEES Equipment Site users in the best practices for heat stress avoidance, power tool care and more. Course
NEEShub Training NEEShub training courses include topics such as "Data Management" and "Data Upload and Visualization". Course